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Hadis Najafi

Hadith Najafi was a young Iranian protester who became a symbol of resistance after being killed by security forces during the 2021 protests in Iran. Her death highlighted the regime’s brutal crackdown on dissent and the resilience of women fighting against oppression. Despite government efforts to suppress the truth, her family and witnesses spoke out, revealing the extent of state violence and manipulation. Najafi’s story reflects the ongoing struggle for freedom and justice in Iran.

Mohamad Hasan Torkman

Mohammadhasan Turkman, a 26-year-old student from Isfahan, became a symbol of Iran’s 2021 protests after being fatally shot by security forces in Babol. His death underscores the lethal suppression of dissent in Iran, highlighting issues of government transparency and the right to protest. Turkman’s life and untimely demise reflect the personal toll of the broader struggle for justice and freedom in the country.

Mohamadreza Eskandari

Mohammad Reza Eskandari, a 26-year-old from Pakdasht, Iran, was tragically killed during protests, leaving behind a grieving family facing security pressures, embodying the human cost of the quest for freedom and justice.

Amir Hossein Basati

At just 15, Amirhossein Basati was killed by government forces during protests in Kermanshah. His family’s search ended in grief, marking him as a young martyr for freedom and justice.

Mohsen Mohamadi Kouchaksaraei

Mohsen Mohammadi Koochesfahani, a 37-year-old nature lover and sports enthusiast, tragically died after being shot by security forces during protests in Qaemshahr, leaving behind a legacy of bravery and a call for justice.

Shirin Alizadeh

Shirin Alizadeh Khansari, a graphic designer and music enthusiast, was fatally shot while filming protests in Iran’s 2022 uprising. Her death, recorded on her mobile phone, became emblematic of the government’s violent crackdown on dissent.

Mahsa Mougouei

Mahsa Moghavi, a Taekwondo champion, was fatally shot by security forces during Iran’s 2022 uprising. She was known for her achievements in Taekwondo and fitness.

Mohamd Amin Takeli

Mohammad Amin Tekli, a resilient athlete turned symbol of resistance, died on September 30, 2022, after sustaining severe injuries during anti-government protests, inspiring a legacy of courage and determination.

Pedram Azarnoush

Pedram Azarnoush, a promising athlete, tragically died amid Iran’s protests. He bravely defended a girl but was fatally shot. His legacy inspires calls for justice and accountability.

Sarina Esmaeilzadeh

Sarina Esmaeilzadeh, a 16-year-old Iranian YouTuber from Karaj, bravely voiced her opposition to compulsory hijab and advocated for freedom. She tragically lost her life during the 2022 Iran protests, enduring beatings by security forces. Despite facing personal hardships, she remained outspoken about social issues through her online platforms.