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Our primary goal is to support the Iranian people in their "Woman, Life, Freedom" revolution against the existing Islamic Republic regime, and instating a government system chosen by the Iranian people themselves.

AUSIRAN is an independent organisation with no affiliation to any political party or religion. Our primary allegiance lies with the Iranian people and their fight for freedom, life, and a secular democratic governance system.

Our activities range from advocating for Iranian rights within the Australian government to fundraising for affected Iranians, creating awareness for political and human rights prisoners, and urging the Australian government to discontinue any support to the current Islamic Republic regime.

'Iranian' refers to any person who is born in Iran or is a descendant of a person born in Iran, regardless of their locality, ethnicity, religion, or gender.

AUSIRAN considers the current Islamic Republic regime as illegitimate and oppressive. We advocate for the overthrowing of this regime and the establishment of a democratic and secular government chosen by the people of Iran.

AUSIRAN fully respects the principles of international law, which includes the recognition of the sovereignty of all nations and the inviolability of their borders. We understand and acknowledge the importance of territorial integrity as a cornerstone of peace, stability, and mutual respect among people.
We remain committed to the idea that all Iranians, regardless of their ethnic, linguistic, or religious background, should enjoy the benefits of a peaceful, prosperous, and inclusive society. To this end, our activities and initiatives are designed to support the best interests of the Iranian people, with full respect for Iran's territorial integrity and sovereignty

We operate within the confines of Australian federal and applicable state and territory laws. We strive to show solidarity with the Iranian people who are fighting against the existing regime and advocate for their rights within the Australian government.

We acknowledge the Shir-o-Khorshid (Lion & Sun) flag as the last historical flag of Iran before the establishment of the current regime. However, we do not impose this view on the Iranian people, and our primary focus is to uphold their voices and choices.

There are many ways you can support AUSIRAN's cause. You can spread awareness about our activities, participate in our campaigns, donate to our fundraising initiatives, or volunteer with us. Please visit our 'Support Us' page for more information.