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The “Protests” section chronicles AUSIRAN’s history of peaceful protest, where we have taken to the streets in solidarity with the Iranian people in their struggle for “Woman, Life, Freedom”. Our past protests echo the voices of Iranians who desire a government system chosen by the people, free from the oppressive Islamic Republic regime. We detail our previous gatherings in various cities, the messages we sought to convey, and the impact these protests had on raising awareness and sparking conversations about the plight of the Iranian people.
In the same section, we also outline our upcoming protests. We believe that public protest is a powerful tool for change, and we invite all those who share our cause to join us. Each protest is an opportunity to stand up for human rights and show your support for the Iranian people’s fight for freedom. Additionally, we provide guidelines to ensure that all our protests are conducted safely, legally, and effectively. We strongly advocate for peaceful protest and provide instructions on how to participate respectfully and considerately. Also, we offer safety advice to keep in mind during these gatherings, including staying aware of your surroundings, following laws and regulations, and respecting the rights and safety of all participants. By joining hands, raising our voices, and standing in solidarity, we can become a powerful force in the fight for a free and democratic Iran.