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Discover the diverse network of AUSIRAN state groups across Australia dedicated to supporting the "Woman, Life, Freedom" revolution in Iran. Each marker on the interactive map represents a unique group working passionately towards our common goal. By clicking on the map, you can access more information about each group, including their initiatives, events, and ways to get involved. Join us in making a difference and supporting the Iranian people on their journey towards freedom and democracy. Dive deeper into the inspiring work of each state group by exploring the map.

Brisbane for Iran

Brisbane for Iran is a group of Australian-Iranian activists that emerged in response to the tragic death of Mahsa Amini on 16 September 2022, aligning themselves with the Woman Life Freedom movement. Committed to raising awareness and advocating for justice, these collective aims to shed light on the human rights violations and systemic injustices faced by the Iranian people. We have been actively involved in organizing Sit-down Strikes, Freedom Protests, and Rallies. We’ve been proactive, engaging the campaigns on Human rights implications of recent violence in Iran by writing letters to or meeting with Senators and MPs, generating petitions, finding political sponsorships for political prisoners, and fundraising.
Moving forward, we are committed to upholding these efforts and continuing to serve the community to amplify the voices of Iranians, both in Australia and in their home country, in their pursuit of justice and fundamental human rights.

Solidarity with Iran

In solidarity with the people of Iran and for serving the Woman Life Freedom Revolution in a united front, a number of groups and individuals in Perth have joined forces to work towards the creation of a secular democracy in Iran. The purpose of the United for Iran (WA) Committee (UIC) is to: 1. Promote unity and collaboration between different groups and segments of the Iranian community towards the common goal of the removal of the IRI regime and establishing a secular democracy in Iran. 2. Endeavour to streamline and consolidate the resources of the community towards serving the revolution. 3. Organise, support and/or endorse campaigns and programs that are aligned with the vision of the UIC. 4. Organise or endorse cultural and community-building activities aligned with the vision and purpose of the UIC.

Solidarity with Iran

The Solidarity group is a team wholeheartedly dedicated to achieving freedom, justice, democracy, secularism, and human rights for Iran. We are independent of political affiliations, nor do we have ties with any political parties or associations. Our mission is defined solely by our fight against autocracy, oppression, discrimination, racism, cruelty, suppression, and violations of human rights in Iran. We do not consider the Islamic Republic’s ruling body to be a legitimate government. We strongly believe that the Islamic Republic is an oppressor with no regards for freedom, justice nor basic human rights. We partake in peaceful and impactful activities in accordance with achieving solidarity with the Iranians fighting for Iran’s revolution. These activities consist of, but are not limited to arranging demonstrations, building informative platforms to raise awareness and outlets to highlight the current situation in Iran. Our work is aimed at amplifying the voice of Iran’s revolution to the west to attract domestic and global support for this movement and freedom for Iran.

Melbourne For IRAN

“Melbourne for Iran” is a dynamic and passionate community of Australian/Iranian individuals who are unwavering in their commitment to fighting for freedom and human rights in Iran from Melbourne/Victoria. We stand in solidarity with the "woman, life, freedom" revolution against the brutal Islamic republic regime. Since the tragic murder of Mahsa Amini, we have been tirelessly running peaceful protests, both globally and nationally, writing to MPs and Senators, signing petitions, and raising awareness to be the voice of Iranians. Our organisation has also arranged political sponsors for innocent protesters in Iran.
At Melbourne for Iran, we believe that every individual has the right to freedom, justice, democracy, and human rights. We are an independent political affiliation and are not part of any political party or association. Our unwavering dedication to the cause has been the driving force behind our efforts to bring about change in Iran. We are committed to supporting the Iranian people in their fight for a better future.
Our community is made up of individuals who are passionate about making a difference. We believe that by working together, we can bring about a brighter future for Iran. We urge everyone to join us in our mission to support the Iranian people in their fight for freedom and human rights. Together, we can make a difference and create a world where every individual is free to live their life with dignity and respect.

Tasmanian Iranian Community

The Tasmanian Iranian Community, inspired by AUSIRAN's values and vision, has made remarkable strides in Tasmania. Embracing the spirit of the "Woman, Life, Freedom" revolution against the Islamic Republic, our community has tirelessly worked to raise awareness and support for the Iranian people's struggle despite the obstacles we have faced as a smaller community. In both Hobart and Launceston, through various media platforms, such as radio and televised interviews, we have shed light on the courageous fight for freedom and democracy in Iran. These endeavors have not only garnered attention for the cause but have also fostered empathy and solidarity within the Tasmanian community.
Our most recent project was the “Mahsa Tree”, a Cyprus tree planted in the memory of those who made, and continue to make tremendous scarifies throughout this movement. Our engagement goes beyond awareness-raising; we have actively collaborated with local representatives including Senator Claire Chandler, the Chair of Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade References Committee, to advocate for Iranian rights within the Australian government. As proud members of the Tasmanian Iranian Community, we remain committed to expanding our influence and impact throughout the region as we merge with AUSIRAN, fostering a brighter future for all Iranians.

Freedom for Iran - South Australia

"Freedom for Iran - South Australia" is a vibrant Iranian community established in Adelaide following the cruel murder of Mahsa "Jina" Amini in September 2022. United by a common cause, we found solidarity amongst ourselves, raising our voices in an echo of our fellow Iranians back home. We strive to amplify the pleas of those who courageously fight for freedom and a better life in Iran, despite facing enormous repression under the Islamic Republic of Iran. We bear witness to the harsh realities endured by the people of Iran, which include gunfire, imprisonment, rape, and torture. Additionally, the regime's practices, such as executing individuals after show trials, blinding people by shooting their eyes, killing children, and launching chemical attacks on schoolgirls, are just a few examples of the heinousness of this regime. We do not align ourselves with any particular political group or faction. Instead, we stand in solidarity with the brave resistance shown by the Iranian people against the regime. Our principal objective resonates with the principles of "Woman Life Freedom". This cause fuels our commitment to stand together, to provide a voice for the voiceless. We pledge to remain unwavering in our resolve and unflagging in our dedication - all for the freedom of Iran and a brighter future for our people. Since our inception last year, we have organised many protests, engaged in campaigns that involve writing letters to MPs, and rallied support by signing petitions. We have also arranged political sponsorships for innocent individuals unjustly subjected to capital punishment. Moving forward, we pledge to maintain these efforts and continue to act as a beacon of hope and resistance for our community. We will rest once we see a free Iran.

Freedom for Iran. Canberra

We are a group of Iranians residing in Canberra who have come together with a shared purpose - to be the voice of Iranians within the country following the tragic murder of Mahsa Amini. In an effort to raise awareness and garner support for the Iranian people, we have organized gatherings in the city of Canberra, specifically outside the Embassy of the Islamic Republic and the Australian Parliament.
Our primary objective is to ensure that the voices and concerns of Iranians are heard by the Australian community, including both ordinary citizens and policymakers. By organizing these demonstrations, we strive to shed light on the challenges faced by Iranians and to create a platform for dialogue and understanding between Iranians and Australians.
We firmly believe in the power of unity and collective action, and we are dedicated to advocating for human rights, justice, and democracy in Iran. Our gatherings serve as a peaceful means to express our grievances and to bring attention to the issues affecting Iranians both inside and outside of Iran.
Through engaging with Australian citizens and politicians, we hope to foster empathy, raise awareness, and encourage the Australian government to take a stand against human rights abuses in Iran. By amplifying the voices of the Iranian people, we aim to contribute to positive change and a better future for our homeland.
Join us in our efforts as we strive to make a difference, not only for the people of Iran but for the promotion of human rights and justice worldwide. Together, we can create a lasting impact and work towards a more equitable and inclusive society