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Who WE Are

AUSIRAN is an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the "Women, Life, Freedom" revolution led by the Iranian people. Our vision encompasses a future Iran where freedom, justice, and human rights prevail, and where a democratic and secular government is established based on the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We firmly condemn the oppressive Islamic Republic regime, recognizing its corruption and violation of fundamental human rights. Committed to our cause, we engage in various activities to further the revolution. These include urging Australian politicians to support the Iranian people in their fight for freedom, organizing protests, facilitating meaningful conversations, and launching civil and legal campaigns. As an independent organization, we maintain a non-partisan approach, free from affiliations to any political party or religion. Our values revolve around commitment, respect, democracy, and solidarity. We are dedicated to tirelessly championing the struggle for freedom and human rights, standing in solidarity with every Iranian who demands equality, justice, and a life free from oppression. Through our unwavering efforts, we strive to bring about a transformative change that empowers the Iranian people and ensures their rights and freedoms are respected in a new Iran governed by the principles of democracy and human rights.


AUSIRAN (company limited by guarantee), an independent non-profit organisation – without affiliation to any political party or religion – is committed to the overarching objective of supporting the “Woman, Life, Freedom” revolution lead by Iranian people, from the indisputable borders and land of Iran, uprising to overthrow the Islamic Republic regime in order to instate a system of government to be determined in the future by the prevailing people
of Iran.
Without any imposition on the prevailing people of Iran, this organisation unequivocally believes in democracy which is secular and consistent with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. AUSIRAN will achieve their overarching objective by engaging in the following activities:

i. Doing all acts and things necessary within the confines of Australian federal and applicable state and territory laws to support, and show solidarity with, Iranian people in Iran who are uprising against the Islamic Republic regime.
ii. Urging members of the Australian Parliament to support the Iranian people who are fighting for freedom against the oppressive, discriminatory, and genocidal Islamic Republic regime.
iii. Urging the Australian Government and members of Australian Parliament to recognise that the Islamic Republic no longer holds any legitimacy amongst Iranian people.
iv. Urging the Australian Government and to cease any financial support or cooperation with the Islamic Republic regime and all its political and military arms.
v. Urging Australian government to engage with head opposition political figures in the Iranian diaspora who are aligned with this groups overarching objective.
vi. Urging the Australian government to apply sanctions against the Islamic Republic regime and to proscribe the Islamic Revolutionary Gaurds Corp (IRGC) as a terrorist organisation.
vii. Fundraising for Iranian people in Iran on strike or those who have been affected by the brutality of the Islamic Republic regime.
viii. Creating awareness for political and human rights prisoners, including the arrangement of political sponsorship for prisoners on death row.
ix. Advocating unity amongst the Iranian diaspora.


Iran means the indisputable territories, lands and waters of the state of Iran currently
recognised by the United Nations – notwithstanding their incorrect label of ‘Islamic
Republic of’ which this organisation does not recognise as owner of Iran – in their
website page ‘geospatial and location data in lack of a better word’.

Iranian (inc. People of Iran) means any person who is born in Iran (or descendant of a
person born in Iran) regardless of their locality, ethnicity, religion, or gender.

Islamic Republic regime means the illegitimate regime and forces (recognised by the
United Nations as “Islamic Republic of Iran”) currently occupying and assuming control
over the land of Iran since February 1979.

Additionally, without any imposition on the views of the prevailing people of Iran, we
acknowledg the Shir-o-Khorshid (Lion & Sun) flag as the last existing historical flag of
Iran prior to the overtaking of the Islamic Republic.


We, AUSIRAN group, believe in freedom, justice, democracy, and human rights, and we are committed to establishing these fundamental human rights in Iran. We condemn the Islamic Republic, which we assert is corrupt, criminal, and in violation of freedom, justice, and human rights.
We envision a secular and democratic government in Iran, based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, enabling its citizens to live in a society where justice, equality, and freedom are integral to daily life. Our objective is a free Iran, working towards establishing a government in which all individuals, regardless of race, language, religion, sexual identity, or orientation, are free and enjoy equal rights under the law.
The future Iran will be ruled by independent entities originating from the people’s votes, continuously overseen by the people, and an independent judiciary grounded on laws endorsed by the citizens. We are an independent group not affiliated with any party, faction, or organisation, and to achieve our vision, our values involve fighting against tyranny, discrimination, racism, injustice, repression, and human rights violations in all their forms in Iran.
We engage in any possible and practical activities in unity and solidarity with the revolutionary movement inside Iran. These activities include demanding and urging Australian politicians to support the “Woman, Life, Freedom” revolution, facilitating conversations, organising protests, and launching civil and legal campaigns. Additionally, any other forms of moral or physical support or action that further the achievement of our vision will be incorporated into our activities.


Commitment: AUSIRAN is committed to the cause of the Iranian people, tirelessly championing their struggle for freedom and their demand for a democratic and secular government.

Respect: We respect the unique identity of every Iranian and their inherent human rights, irrespective of their ethnic, religious or gender backgrounds.

Non-partisanship: As an independent organization, we maintain a non-partisan approach, free from affiliations to any political party or religion.

Democracy: We uphold the principle of democracy, believing in the power of people’s voices and their ability to determine the course of their nation’s future.

Solidarity: We stand in solidarity with every Iranian fighting for their rights, freedom, and life against oppressive forces.