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Hadis Najafi

Women, Life, Freedom

Name: Hadis Najafi
Father's Name: Jaber Najafi
Mother's Name: Unknown
City of Birth: Miyaneh
State of Birth: East Azerbaijan
Date of Birth: 2000-01-05
City of Death: Mehrshahr
State of Death: Alborz
Date of Death: 2022-09-21

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Hadith Najafi, born on January 5, 2000, emerged as a poignant symbol of defiance amidst Iran’s tumultuous protests in 2021. Working at a restaurant in Mehrshahr, Karaj, she was not just a young woman with dreams and aspirations but also a fighter for what she believed was right. As the fourth child in a family that included three older sisters and a younger brother, Najafi’s life was as ordinary as it was full of potential, underscored by her diploma in sewing design.

However, her ordinary life took a tragic turn on the night of September 21, 2021, amid the nationwide protests ignited by the death of Mahsa Amini, a young woman whose death in police custody sparked an outcry against the Iranian regime’s oppressive policies towards women. Najafi was shot by Islamic Republic security forces, the pellets hitting her face, neck, and chest, causing fatal injuries that led to her untimely death. The aftermath saw the authorities pressuring her family into declaring her death natural, a tactic frequently employed to suppress the reality of state violence against protesters.

Najafi’s death resonated far beyond the borders of Iran, becoming a symbol of women’s resilience and the ongoing struggle against the Islamic Republic’s oppression. A viral video, initially thought to feature Najafi preparing to join the protests, became emblematic of the collective fight for freedom, despite later clarifications that the girl in the video was not Najafi herself.

The governmental response to her demise, characterized by attempts to silence and intimidate her grieving family, highlights the regime’s broader strategy of narrative control and repression. Despite facing threats, Najafi’s family, particularly her sister Afsun, courageously spoke out against the official lies, shedding light on the true brutality of the regime’s crackdown on dissent. The security measures surrounding Najafi’s funeral, with a heavy presence of security forces, underscore the government’s fear of public mourning evolving into further protest.

Through her death, Hadith Najafi’s name became etched in the annals of those who have paid the ultimate price for freedom in Iran, her story a testament to the human spirit’s resilience against tyranny.

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