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Our Campaigns section gives you an extensive look at AUSIRAN’s past and future initiatives, shedding light on our concerted efforts to champion the cause of freedom, life, and democracy for the Iranian people. Each past campaign is documented with a comprehensive summary, detailing our objectives, strategies, activities, and the impact we were able to achieve. From our local radio and newspaper engagements to photo exhibitions and advocacy with Australian Parliament, we proudly highlight our diverse efforts that have amplified the voices of the Iranian people and attracted international attention.
Looking forward, the Campaigns section will also keep you updated on our upcoming initiatives. We firmly believe that the road to a free Iran is a continuous journey, and we remain dedicated to launching new campaigns that further our cause. Whether it’s a fundraising event, an awareness drive, a call to action, or political advocacy, you can find all the details about our future campaigns here. You’ll learn how each campaign aligns with our mission, and more importantly, discover ways you can get involved and contribute to their success. Stay connected with us through this section, join our upcoming campaigns, and let’s shape a brighter future for Iran together.