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Mohamad Hasan Torkman

Women, Life, Freedom

Name: Mohamad Hasan Torkman
Father's Name: Kiamars Torkman
Mother's Name: Kemelia Sajadian
City of Birth: Unknown
State of Birth: Isfahan
Date of Birth: 1995-12-03
City of Death: Babol
State of Death: Mazandaran
Date of Death: 2022-09-21

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Mohammadhasan Turkman (December 3, 1995 – September 21, 2022) was a notable figure among the protesters during Iran’s 2021 uprising. Born in Isfahan and a student in Babol, Turkman’s life took a tragic turn on September 21, 2022, when he was shot and killed by security forces in Babol at the age of 26. His death occurred amidst nationwide protests triggered by the government’s handling of various societal grievances, marking him as one of the many voices silenced during the unrest.

Turkman’s disappearance and subsequent death unfolded in a harrowing sequence of events, beginning with a friend’s call to his family, alerting them to his missing status. Hours later, an anonymous caller informed the friend of Turkman’s fatal shooting. This led his family from Tehran to Babol in a desperate search that ended in tragedy. Turkman’s father, a former prisoner of war during the Iran-Iraq conflict, suffered a stroke upon hearing the news of his son’s death and was hospitalized.

The aftermath of Turkman’s death highlighted the intense pressure faced by his family from authorities, who insisted on a narrative that he died in an accident, a claim vehemently denied by his mother during his memorial service. Government officials, meanwhile, attributed his death to a close-range shot by members of the Mujahedin-e Khalq, an accusation widely disputed given the circumstances of his death and the presence of security forces at his burial, emphasizing the regime’s narrative control efforts.

Turkman’s life, albeit short-lived, reflected a deep engagement with societal issues, as evidenced by his active participation in protests and his poignant social media presence. His death, underlined by a lack of transparency and the government’s attempts to reshape the narrative, remains a stark reminder of the ongoing struggle for freedom of expression and the right to protest in Iran.

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