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Behnaz Afshari

Behnaz Afshari, who achieved the 22nd rank in the university entrance exam, was a student in the accounting department at Girls’ Shariati University in Tehran.On Monday, October 23, 2022, she departed from her residence in Pakdasht to participate in the protests. While engaging in the demonstrations, she endured severe beatings, abuse, and insults. Despite the help from her classmates and supporters during the protests, she met a tragic end, succumbing to the numerous blows inflicted on her head and face. Indeed, in keeping with the consistent patterns of oppressive behavior by the Islamic Republic, they officially classified his death as a suicide.

Ami rjavad Asadzadeh

A 36-year-old man, Amir Javad Asaadzadeh, was arrested and tortured by security forces in Mashhad, Iran, during the nationwide protests. He died as a result of the torture inflicted upon him.

Shadman Ahmadi

Shadman Ahmadi, after being abducted by the security forces of the Islamic Republic, was killed under torture in the city of Dehgolan’s police detention center. He was one of the protesters of the 1401 uprising in Iran. His family members described the manner of his arrest as follows: “The Intelligence forces, using two white Samand cars and a Peugeot 405, stormed their home and took him with them.

Shahriar Adeli

Shahriar Adeli, a resident of Sardasht and one of the detainees of this city, lost his life due to severe physical torture while expressing joy over the defeat of the Islamic Republic’s football team by the United States in the detention center of the Information Department in this city.

Mohabat Mozafari

Mohabbat Mozaffari, a lawyer and Ph.D. student, was arrested during the Tehran protests and died under suspicious circumstances after her release.

Mohsen Shojaei Borjoui

Mohsen Shojaei Borjoui died following severe torture, beatings, and drug injections while detained.