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Behnaz Afshari

Women, Life, Freedom

Name: Behnaz Afshari
Father's Name: Mohamad
Mother's Name: Monireh
City of Birth: Pakdasht
State of Birth: Tehran
Date of Birth: 2000-01-02
City of Death: Pakdasht
State of Death: Tehran
Date of Death: 2022-10-23

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Behnaz Afshari’s life and tragic death have become emblematic of the struggle for freedom and justice in Iran, particularly amidst the backdrop of the 2021 protests. As a student of Girls’ Shariati University and a native of Pakdasht, her academic brilliance and activism reflected a deep-seated desire for change within her country. Afshari, known for her vivacity and entrepreneurial spirit, had made significant strides in her personal and academic life, demonstrating independence and a strong will that resonated with many young Iranians aspiring for a better future.

Her involvement in the protests was a testament to her commitment to freedom and her courage in the face of a regime known for its brutality. On the day of her disappearance, Afshari set out with the determination to make her voice heard, unknowingly walking into the dire consequences of her bravery. The severe beatings she endured at the hands of the government forces, culminating in her untimely death due to multiple injuries inflicted upon her, starkly illustrate the perilous environment activists in Iran face. Despite the regime’s attempts to cover up the circumstances of her death, labeling it as a suicide and denying her family the right to see her body, the truth about the violence she suffered has galvanized a broader outcry against the systemic oppression in Iran.

The aftermath of Behnaz Afshari’s death, characterized by the regime’s vicious narrative manipulation and the community’s rallying support for her family, underscores the ongoing conflict between the state’s repressive apparatus and the indomitable spirit of its citizens. Her story, while heartbreakingly tragic, has not only shed light on the harsh realities faced by protesters but also inspired a continued fight for justice and freedom. Afshari’s legacy is a poignant reminder of the cost of dissent in Iran, but also of the resilience and solidarity among those who dream of a freer, more just society.

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