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Mohsen Shekari

Mohsen Shekari, a 23-year-old waiter, was the first protester executed by Iran during the 2022 protests, accused of injuring a Basij militia member and blocking a street in Tehran.

Mohammad Mehdi Karami

Mohammad Mehdi (Kumar) Karami (born October 2001 – Execution on January 7, 2023) was an Iranian karate practitioner and one of the participants in the 40th-day ceremony for Hadis Najafi and Parsa Rezadoust, figures of the 1401 Iran protests. According to the judicial authorities of the Islamic Republic, he, along with 15 others, was implicated in the death of a Basij member during the clashes on that day. He was recognized as the primary defendant in the case. On January 7, the Islamic Republic Execution him along with another accused in the same case, Seyyed Mohammad Hosseini. His execution led to widespread anger and disgust both in Iran and globally.

Majidreza Rahnavard

Majid Reza Rahnavard (born June 16, 1999 – Execution on December 12, 2022) was a wrestler and one of the detainees of the 1401 Iran protests. On December 12, 2022, just 23 days after his arrest, he was Execution by the verdict of the Mashhad Revolutionary Court. During the trial, conducted without proper legal procedures and while being deprived of the right to defend himself in court and use a lawyer, he was accused of killing two Basij members and injuring four others during the 1401 Iran protests in Mashhad.

Saleh Mirhashemi

Saleh Mirhashemi Baltaqi (born 1986 – Execution on May 19, 2023) was a protester during the 2022 nationwide uprising in Iran. He was arrested on November 15, charged with shooting and killing two Basij members and a special forces colonel of the Islamic Republic during the events on November 25. He was sentenced to execution by the Isfahan Revolutionary Court under the ruling of Judge Morteza Barati, accused of being a combatant.

Seyyed Mohammad Hosseini

Seyed Mohammad Hosseini, one day after the 40th-day ceremony for Hadis Najafi, was detained in response to the protests over the death of Mahsa Amini during the arrest by the Guidance Patrol. More than 12 officers participated in his arrest and “severely beat him, insulted him, and threatened to settle scores with the same swords.”

Seyed Sadrallah Fazli Zare

Executed for “insulting the Prophet and desecrating Islamic sanctities” in Arak, Iran.

Yousef Mehrdad

Executed in Arak, Iran, on charges of “insulting the Prophet and desecrating Islamic sanctities.”

Majid Kazemi

Majid Kazemi, a 30-year-old involved in anti-government protests, was executed by the Iranian regime despite a lack of credible evidence and international outcry.