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seyed Sina Mousavi

Seyed Sina Mousavi, a 15-year-old from Amol, was killed by state forces during nationwide protests on September 21, 2022. His death symbolizes the tragic impact of political unrest on youth.

Abolfazl Bahou

Abolfazl Baho, a 17-year-old protester from Qaemshahr, was killed by government forces during the 2022 protests. His death symbolizes the tragic price of youthful defiance against oppression in Iran.

Arvin Malmali Golzari

Arvin Malmali Golzari, a dedicated Iranian activist, tragically lost his life on September 25, 2022, amid protests against state oppression. His sacrifice continues to inspire the fight for justice and freedom.

Omid Mahdavi

Omid Mahdavi, a married father, died after ten days in a coma from police baton injuries during Tehran protests, highlighting Iran’s struggle for justice.

Mostafa yeganeh

Mostafa Yeganeh was killed in Lakan Prison in Rasht. Due to his support for the young people who had taken to the streets for freedom, he was shot and lost his life.

Arnika Ghaemmaghami

Arnika Ghaem Maghami, a 17-year-old protester, died from injuries inflicted by security forces during the 2021 Iran protests, becoming a symbol of the brutal crackdown on dissent.

Mona Naghibi

8-year-old Mona Naqib was fatally shot by government forces in Sistan and Baluchestan, a stark reminder of the ongoing violence against children in conflict zones.

Amir Hossein Romiani Nazari

Amirhossein Roumiani Nezari, a 26-year-old student from Lorestan, was killed in Tehran. His family was reportedly threatened to state that he had a heart condition. This situation has prompted calls for support and raising the voice for Amirhossein’s family amidst the circumstances surrounding his death.

Abbas Loymi

Abbas Loymi was tragically killed after being run over by security forces; despite being rushed to a hospital by locals, he died en route, highlighting severe human rights concerns.

Iman Behzadpour Ahl

He was a 25-year-old, the son of Alaeddin Behzadpour from Sanandaj. Tragically, he was murdered by direct gunfire from security forces during public protests in Tehran, just three days after the government’s murder of Mahsa Amini on September 28, 1401. He is recognized as one of the initial victims of the revolutionary movement sparked by Mahsa’s murder. However, due to threats from the regime’s intelligence department against his family, little information has been disclosed about him. His body was returned to his family by the security authorities under the condition that the news of his murder remained unpublicized. The medical examiner’s death certificate recorded the cause of his murder as ‘blunt force trauma to the head.