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Sina Malayeri

Women, Life, Freedom

Name: Sina Malayeri
Father's Name: Unknown
Mother's Name: Unknown
City of Birth: Arak
State of Birth: Markazi
Date of Birth: 1984-12-08
City of Death: Arak
State of Death: Markazi
Date of Death: Unknown

AusIran has verified some key details about this martyr, but the information is not complete.


Sina Malayeri, born in 1984, was a medical student at the Islamic Azad University of Arak and worked in carpentry. He was the son of Dr. Malayeri, a well-respected physician in Arak. On October 21, 2022, during the nationwide uprising against the Islamic Republic’s regime, Sina was fatally injured by security forces’ baton strikes to his head on Malik Street in Arak.

Despite the clear circumstances surrounding his death, the Arak prosecutor, in a repeated narrative seen in other cases, attributed Sina’s death to drug use. This claim starkly contrasts with the reality of his participation in the protests and the injuries that led to his demise at the age of 37 after being taken to the hospital.

Sina Malayeri’s story is a tragic example of the young lives lost in the struggle for freedom and dignity in Iran. His background as a medical student and the son of a reputable doctor underscores the indiscriminate nature of the regime’s violence against its citizens. The official narrative attempting to mask the true cause of his death reflects the broader pattern of misinformation and suppression of dissent in the country.

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