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Setayesh Sharifinia

Women, Life, Freedom

Name: Setayesh Sharifinia
Father's Name: Unknown
Mother's Name: Unknown
City of Birth: Kordkuy
State of Birth: Golestan
Date of Birth: 2006-08-22
City of Death: Gorgan
State of Death: Unknown
Date of Death: 2023-01-13

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With the onset of nationwide protests after the killing of Mahsa Amini, Setayesh has been found taking to the streets to raise her voice in protest alongside her fellow countrymen. She was detained twice. The first time, Setayesh spent several days in prison, and the prosecutor of Kordkoy accused her of being the leader of a protesting group! Setayesh’s mother used the deed to her grandmother’s house as collateral for her release, but even after four months, it hadn’t been returned to her family. The second time, Setayesh spent three months in prison and endured severe torture. Her condition was so bad that on the 6th of Dey in 1401, security forces transferred her to Amiralmomenin Hospital in Kordkoy, but before that, they had administered some drugs to her. In the hospital, doctors noticed a fractured finger, damage to the brain, and severe lung injuries caused by the torture. The hospital confirmed that her lungs were significantly affected due to severe torture. Setayesh fell into a coma as a result of these injuries. After a few days, she emerged from the coma, but her condition was poor. She was very weak, and her level of consciousness was low, unable to tolerate further pressure.

During this state, the interrogator and torturer who had tormented her in prison came to see Setayesh on the same day. He said if she left there, she would face five years of imprisonment and would return to them! Setayesh couldn’t bear this shock; her heart stopped beating.

After her death, security forces put intense pressure on Setayesh’s mother to make a coerced confession, claiming that her death had nothing to do with the protests and that she had an underlying illness. Otherwise, they wouldn’t hand over her corpse. Setayesh’s mother was under pressure for three days to say they didn’t kill her. And when she reluctantly confessed, they handed over Setayesh’s lifeless body.

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