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Parisa Asgari

Women, Life, Freedom

Name: Parisa Asgari
Father's Name: Unknown
Mother's Name: Unknown
City of Birth: Aligudarz
State of Birth: Lorestan
Date of Birth: 1996-09-19
City of Death: Tehran
State of Death: Tehran
Date of Death: 2022-10-13

AusIran has verified some key details about this martyr, but the information is not complete.


Parisa Asgari, a 26-year-old from Aligudarz and a student at the University of Tehran, had her dreams violently cut short on October 13, 2021. Amidst the nationwide protests for “Woman, Life, Freedom,” following the tragic death of Mahsa Amini, Parisa joined her fellow citizens in the streets of Tehran, only to be fatally struck down by direct gunfire from the Revolutionary Guards’ forces. Her aspirations for further education and a brighter future were brutally silenced by the very authorities meant to protect her rights and freedoms.

Parisa’s story is a harrowing reminder of the extreme sacrifices made by young Iranians in the pursuit of justice and freedom. Despite the absence of any political activism background, her mere presence at the protests marked her as a target for the regime’s repressive machinery, which indiscriminately uses lethal force against unarmed demonstrators. The threats issued to her family to misrepresent her death as an accident is a stark illustration of the government’s efforts to cover up its violent crackdown and suppress the truth about the movement’s martyrs.

Her burial on October 25, 2021, in Behesht Zahra cemetery of Shahr-e-Hosseiniyeh, Kuy-e Azadegan, was conducted under a veil of secrecy and intense security pressure, preventing any public acknowledgment or mourning of her sacrifice. Parisa Asgari’s death underscores the dire consequences faced by those daring to dream of a free Iran and the regime’s relentless campaign to silence dissenting voices.

Parisa’s legacy, however, transcends the silence imposed upon her. It resonates as a call to action for continued resistance against oppression, embodying the relentless spirit of the “Woman, Life, Freedom” movement. Her story, like that of many others who have laid down their lives in this struggle, fuels the determination of Iranians everywhere to keep fighting for a nation where such sacrifices are no longer necessary. In remembering Parisa Asgari, we honor not just her memory but the cause for which she stood—a testament to the courage and resilience of Iran’s youth in the face of tyranny.

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