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Maedeh Javanfar

Women, Life, Freedom

Name: Maedeh Javanfar
Father's Name: Unknown
Mother's Name: Unknown
City of Birth: Ramsar
State of Birth: Mazandaran
Date of Birth: Unknown
City of Death: Rasht
State of Death: Gilan
Date of Death: 2022-10-25

AusIran has verified some key details about this martyr, but the information is not complete.


Maedeh Javanfar, a white-clad angel of mercy, tragically lost her life while tending to the wounds of a fellow protester, embodying the spirit of sacrifice and courage amidst the nationwide uprising in Iran. A dedicated nurse from Ramsar, working in the hospitals of Rasht, she rushed to assist a young protester injured during the demonstrations in Rasht. However, in a brutal act of violence, the forces loyal to Khamenei shot her, causing her to fall, bloodied, next to the very individual she sought to save. Maedeh’s story highlights the profound acts of heroism displayed by the youth during these tumultuous times.

Maedeh was not only a compassionate caregiver to her patients, particularly during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic, but also a beacon of hope and resilience. Her aspirations and dedication to her profession were cut short on November 24, 2022, when, upon witnessing a young protester lying injured, her instincts as a nurse propelled her to his side. Despite her cries that she was a nurse attempting to provide aid, she was brutally attacked and ultimately shot at close range by the regime’s enforcers, dying at the age of 28 beside the injured protester she tried to help.

The regime’s attempt to conceal the truth about her death, crafting a false narrative of an accident to explain away her murder, was quickly exposed. Her sister bravely revealed the true circumstances of Maedeh’s heroic demise. Maedeh’s own words, expressing fearlessness towards life and a readiness to embrace the unknown, echo her courage and the ultimate sacrifice she made for freedom. Her untimely journey to eternity, fearless in the face of death, marks a poignant chapter in the story of Iran’s quest for liberty, paved by the bravery of young individuals like her.

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