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Kumar Daroftadeh

Women, Life, Freedom

Name: Kumar Daroftadeh
Father's Name: Hasan Daroftadeh
Mother's Name: Unknown
City of Birth: Piranshahr
State of Birth: West Azerbaijan
Date of Birth: 2006-08-16
City of Death: Piranshahr
State of Death: West Azerbaijan
Date of Death: Unknown

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Kumar Darafshandeh, a 16-year-old from Piranshahr, was tragically killed by direct gunfire from the Islamic Republic of Iran’s security forces on a Sunday, November 9th, during the 2021 Iran protests. His father, Hassan Darafshandeh, has been summoned to the security police of the city for the second time in one week since the incident, facing interrogation.

In an exclusive interview with the Farsi section of Voice of America, Mr. Darafshandeh expressed frustration over the government’s lack of response regarding the circumstances of his young son’s death. He described Kumar as a “well-spoken, energetic, yet polite and healthy” boy who joined the protests with genuine belief and intention. On the day Kumar was killed, there were no protests happening in Piranshahr, indicating that the teenagers, including Kumar, were targeted without any apparent reason.

According to Mr. Darafshandeh, the forensic doctor stated that Kumar was shot from a few meters away, suggesting he was directly targeted. This assertion raises questions about the motive and circumstances under which Kumar was shot, especially considering there was no protest activity at the time.

Mr. Darafshandeh’s inquiries about the weapon used were met with denials from the security forces, claiming the weapon was not theirs. He challenged this response, emphasizing the impossibility of such an event occurring without the authorities’ knowledge or involvement. This confrontation underscores the family’s struggle for truth and accountability.

Kumar’s father has been summoned again, highlighting the ongoing pressure and intimidation faced by the family. Despite his loss, Mr. Darafshandeh expressed a profound sense of sacrifice for his country, stating that Kumar’s death, while heartbreaking, made him proud and was a sacrifice for the homeland.

Eyewitnesses reported that unmarked green and white Sedans were involved in shooting Kumar from a close distance, indicating a deliberate attack. Another teenager accompanying Kumar was also reportedly abducted by government forces, and his fate remains unknown.

In his last Instagram post, Kumar shared a poem reflecting on the tragic fate of many in the Middle East, pointing to a life marked by death, whether in war, prison, on the road, or at sea, underscoring a grim reality faced by many in the region.

Kumar Darafshandeh’s death and the circumstances surrounding it spotlight the severe crackdown on protesters in Iran, the government’s attempts to suppress information and intimidate families, and the broader struggle for freedom and justice in the country.

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