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Danesh Rahnama

Women, Life, Freedom

Name: Danesh Rahnama
Father's Name: Ali Rahnama
Mother's Name: Khatoon
City of Birth: Nazlu
State of Birth: West Azerbaijan
Date of Birth: 2000-10-05
City of Death: Balu
State of Death: West Azerbaijan
Date of Death: 2022-09-21

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On the night of his death in the hospital, Danesh Rahnama’s family faced pressure to conduct his burial at 4 am. Standing firm, they declined to bury him at night. Danesh’s body was eventually released to them on the morning of 22nd September, leading to his burial amidst the presence of his village community. Following these events, Danesh’s brothers were detained by Urmia’s intelligence department. They were coerced into signing a statement declaring that Danesh’s death was unrelated to the regime’s actions. Despite these circumstances, Danesh’s family courageously filed a complaint against Basij in Balu. However, this complaint was met with silence; no investigation was carried out at the site of the incident in Balo village. The IRGC further complicated matters by proclaiming that Danesh had been a troublemaker and had attacked a Basij base, leading to his death. In a final act of defiance and integrity, Danesh Rahnama’s family rejected the repressive forces’ proposition to enroll him in the Shahid Foundation, thus refusing to accept any form of compensation or recognition from these forces for his death. This decision underscored their steadfast refusal to consent to the narrative imposed by the regime.

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