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Amir Mehdi Farokhipour

Women, Life, Freedom

Name: Amir Mehdi Farokhipour
Father's Name: Saied
Mother's Name: Zahra
City of Birth: Tehran
State of Birth: Tehran
Date of Birth: 2004-10-01
City of Death: Tehran
State of Death: Tehran
Date of Death: 2022-09-28

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Amir Mehdi Farokhipour, born on October 1, 2004, tragically lost his life at the tender age of 17, just four days before his 18th birthday, amidst the turmoil of Iran’s protests on October 5, 2022. A high school student with a passion for graphic design, Amir Mehdi also devoted three years to working in his father’s shoe repair and retail shop, nurturing a keen interest in electrical work on the side. His life was cut short under circumstances disputed by his family and the Iranian government, with the former asserting that he fell victim to security forces’ violence, contradicting official claims of a traffic accident.

According to family accounts, Amir Mehdi was actively engaged in the protests that swept through Tehran, driven by a deep commitment to fighting for a future where the injustices faced by women like Mahsa Amini would not befall others. His dedication to the cause was evident in his response to concerns about his safety: he participated in the protests to ensure a freer, safer future for all women in his life.

On the night of his death, his family received a call claiming Amir Mehdi had been involved in an accident. However, upon reaching the hospital, the presence of security personnel and a nurse’s testimony suggested a far grimmer reality: Amir Mehdi had been shot. The physical evidence on his body, including gunshot wounds and signs of beating, starkly contradicted the official narrative of a traffic accident, adding to the family’s grief and outrage.

Under duress, Amir Mehdi’s family was compelled to conform to the government’s version of events, a common tactic used by Iranian authorities to suppress dissent and control narratives surrounding the protests’ casualties. In the wake of his death, the family faced surveillance and intimidation, a testament to the lengths the regime would go to silence voices of opposition.

Amir Mehdi Farokhipour’s death is not just a personal tragedy for his family but a symbol of the ongoing struggle for freedom and justice in Iran. Born on the cusp of adulthood, his life was emblematic of the youthful energy driving the protests, and his death underscores the brutal cost of seeking change in a repressive state. His story, marked by a premature end on October 5, 2022, continues to resonate with those who fight for a better Iran, embodying the sacrifices made by young Iranians in pursuit of liberty and dignity.

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