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Ailar Haghi

Women, Life, Freedom

Name: Ailar Haghi
Father's Name: Rajab Haghi
Mother's Name: Farah
City of Birth: Malekan
State of Birth: East Azerbaijan
Date of Birth: 1999-11-09
City of Death: Tabriz
State of Death: East Azerbaijan
Date of Death: 2022-11-16

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The circumstances surrounding the death of Ayilar, as portrayed through the conflicting narratives of her family and the Iranian government, gain additional complexity considering the suggestions that her father’s interview might have been conducted under duress or coercion from the government.

When Ayilar’s father stated in a government news agency interview that his daughter’s death was not related to the recent protests, and expressed his trust in the judicial authorities to investigate, this statement appeared to align with the official government narrative. The official account claimed Ayilar’s death was accidental, resulting from a fall into a building excavation on November 16, 2022 (25th of Aban 1401 in the Iranian calendar).

However, the context in which this statement was made is crucial. In Iran, it is not uncommon for family members of individuals who die under contentious circumstances to face pressure from the government. This pressure can manifest in various forms, from subtle intimidation to explicit threats, and is often aimed at ensuring that public statements do not contradict the official narrative or provoke further unrest.

Given this backdrop, the suggestions that Ayilar’s father’s interview was conducted under force or coercion are significant. They cast doubt on the authenticity of his statement and suggest that it may not reflect his true beliefs or the actual circumstances of Ayilar’s death. This possibility adds a layer of tragedy to the situation, as it points to a broader issue of state influence and the suppression of dissenting voices in Iran.

In contrast, Ayilar’s uncle’s account, which claims she was killed during the demonstrations by a shotgun fired at close range, offers a narrative that aligns more closely with the reports of state violence during the protests. This version of events implicates the state’s role in her death, contrasting sharply with the official account and her father’s statement.

Ayilar’s case, thus, becomes emblematic of the struggle for truth in an environment where information is tightly controlled and state narratives often overshadow individual voices. Her story highlights the ongoing challenges faced by Iranians in seeking transparency and accountability, particularly in the context of political unrest and state responses to public dissent.

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