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Ali Bani Asad

Ali Bani Asad, a 20-year-old from Ahvaz, died under torture by security forces without any political background or protest participation, highlighting systemic human rights abuses in Iran.

Alireza Feili

Ali-Reza Fili’s death, initially staged as a suicide, was a government cover-up for his murder due to his active participation in student protests and defiance against the regime. His tragic story highlights the brutal suppression faced by Iran’s youth.

Marzieh DoshmanZiari

Marzieh Doshman Ziari, a 22-year-old business management student, was killed by security forces during Iran’s protests for speaking out against corruption and injustice, leaving behind a legacy of courage and a call for freedom.

Nahid Mostafapour

Nahid Mostafapour, a promising electrical engineering graduate, was abducted, tortured, and killed during the 2021 Iran protests. Her death underlines the brutal crackdown on dissent and the struggle for freedom in Iran.